Debt free 36 months

This will depend on individual circumstances, our dedicated and qualified advisors will be able to walk you through the whole process, give us a call today.

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Hassle free advice

Our qualified staff will be on hand to take care of all the paperwork and arrange a payment plan that suits your individual needs.

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No more cold calls

Debt Made Simple will ensure that those dreaded calls and texts from creditors are stopped as a matter of urgency.

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  • Your total debt
    Your monthly income
    Your monthly expenditure
    Your Employment status

Why choose Debt Made Simple?

Protect your home and assets!

In most cases we can protect your home and valuable assets

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Interest and charges frozen!

We negotiate with your creditors and get your interest changes.

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Reduce your monthly payments!

Pay off your debts with a manageable single lower payment each month.

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No more calls from creditors!

Stop the stressful and difficult phone calls from heavy handed creditors.

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Are you interested in our Services? Do you have any questions?

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What is a Trust Deed?
A Trust Deed is Government legislation that allows individuals with debt in Scotland to reduce what they owe. After the agreed repayment period has been completed, a dividend is paid to the creditors and any leftover unsecured debts are written off and creditors are legally bound by its terms.
Would I qualify for a Trust Deed?
For the Trust Deed to be an appropriate solution for you, you need to be resident in Scotland for 6 months and ideally you will be in employment with a minimum of £8,000 of unsecured debt e.g. credit cards or loans.
What debts can I include in the Trust Deed?
All unsecured debt can be included e.g. personal loans, credit cards, overdrafts, catalogues, store cards, council tax arrears etc You cannot include mortgages, secured loans or student loans in the Trust Deed.
How quickly can I be debt free?
We aim to have you debt free and the Trust Deed signed within 72 hours of our first contact with you.
What are the costs?
There are no costs to you to set up a Trust Deed. We offer free, no obligation professional advice.
What about my home?
In a trust deed, we aim to ensure that your home is safe. We will look at the available equity position to ascertain if a third party can make the necessary payments to ensure that the house is secure. It is also essential that you keep up your normal monthly mortgage and secured loan repayments.
How much will I pay per month?
We will complete and income and expenditure detailing all your household income and expenditure and then we will calculate a manageable monthly payment amount.
How long will it last?
A trust deed normally last for 36 months and in some cases, we may extend this term to 60 months.
What is a protected Trust deed?
Once you have signed the Trust Deed. The Insolvency Practitioner will arrange details to be advertised in the Edinburgh Gazette as quickly as possible. If there are no or insufficient objections within 5 weeks from the date of the advert then your Trustee will apply for your Trust Deed to become PROTECTED. This guarantees you protection from your creditors.
What if a trust deed is not suitable for me? Can you still help?
Of course we can, Trust deed is only one solution for your debt and there are others. We will make sure that we find the right solution for your and your debt once we have considered all your circumstances.